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Lord LunaEquie is me:
So, in light of needing to make a few cards missing from my collection that have come out since my big printing adventure, I was briefly rooting around the card art repository, and I noticed a few things.

The first, is that there are completed but unused art, such as for a goal called Baka Kawaii Kissu (which obviously was meant for Weeabu Paradaisu), and that I'd love to make those into cards, probably with some help again.

The second thing I noticed was that, in cross-referencing with the text-only card database, that at least a few of these unused art pieces have been made into cards, most notably Cat Burglar Scootaloo and Con Mare Sweetie Belle in an expansion called Cutie Mark Criminals.

Now, of course I'm curious where these expansions can be found, but mostly I want to ask if anyone had done any cross-referencing as to what all art has remained unused? If no one has, I might embark on that quest myself, but I don't want to put that much work into something if it's already been done.

N.A. Larson:
A lot of that artwork is from private commissions HPG did back in the day. Whenever we find such a card, we add it to the database. The only way to find out if an artwork is ACTUALLY unused is to ask HPG.

...Which I did for Baka Kawaii Kissu, because I've been thinking about that one myself! 😜 Based on the art style, I think it was actually meant to be part of the Cherry Blossoms Under Hoof fic from Core Deck. I would put that art on a Ship card and give it a title more reflective of the scene, like "Romantic Rivals" or just "Rivals". The way I see it, Dash and Trixie are both trying to capture the heart of the same pony (the one Dash is talking to on Tsundere Rainbow Dash), and in this scene, Trixie has been waiting in Dash's path to tell her she has no chance because Trixie is prettier/refined/richer than she is (throw in a Fufufu or an Ohoho for good measure). I haven't watched anime in a long time, so I'm open to suggestions with the flavor text/title. This card's been on the back burner for a while, but since you also have an interest, let's revive it.

Another one I'm working on is the unused Fluffle Puff art (also going on a Ship card), which I asked Fluffy Mixer about at BronyCon, which reminds me I need to get in touch with him to see if he has an idea for flavor text.

Oh, and Cutie Mark Criminals was made by Preston Moore (‪@TailsFox88‬ on Twitter).

Lord LunaEquie is me:
I guess I'll see about cross-referencing the material, then. I'll let you know what I find. I know at least Trick Candle still checks the Horrible People email, because last year I got a same-day response when I was asking about the Shipwrecker arts.

As to making Baka Kawaii Kissu into a card, I consider myself to have watched a fair bit of anime, but I have a hard time even understanding the concept of "weeabu", so I can't speak in ani-meme or whatever you'd call it. Making it into a ship card does sound like a good idea, though, because I can't get a feel right away for what kind of goal it would be, unlike with, say, Blood And Shadows.

N.A. Larson:
Blood and Shadows is one I'd like to know if it ever made into a card. I could see it being a Kefentse x Celestia or OC x Celestia Goal (or break up an OC with Celestia and replace it with Kefentse), but I could also see it being a Ship with the caption Pixel Prism gave it back when she posted it on Tumblr: *Slurp, slurp*

Lord LunaEquie is me:
Went through all the goals... Gonna head off to bed now. Here's what I've found so far; you can look through these if you want, if you feel you would recognize any that weren't in the spreadsheet of all the cards.

OHGODWHYDOSPOILERSNOTWORKEVERYTHINGISBROKENHELP (I will try to format this later) Formatted, but good god this table system is awful.

NameFound underFinished/Sketch?urlBig Mac is Big Mackin'cardearly version, no backgroundhereBlood and ShadowscardcompletehereDefanged Chrysaliscardsketch, became ChryssiehereA Beautiful SymphonygoalsketchhereA Dragon's HonorgoalsketchhereAn Awful Lot of RunninggoalfinishedhereBackground Pony PartygoalfinishedhereBaka Kawaii KissugoalfinishedhereBeautiful QuartetgoalfinishedhereBeware the Groove goalearly versionhereBut I Thought You Wanted WhininggoalfinishedhereContemporariesgoalfinishedhereCupcakesgoalfinished,
(from unfinished It's Practically Canon expansion)hereFamily Appreciation Daygoalearly versionhereGrand Theft WaifugoalfinishedhereIncur Leekfish's WrathgoalfinishedhereIt's Always The Quiet OnesgoalsketchhereKiss and Make ChaosgoalsketchhereLeave the BoxgoalfinishedhereLeave the Box (Zalgo version)goalfinishedhereMy Waifugoalfinished, early versionhereNo Fate But What You MakegoalsketchhereNow It's A Partygoalsketch of Ain't No Party Like a Pinkie Pie PartyhereOh CaramelgoalsketchhereOh the Places You'll GogoalfinishedherePattergoalsketchherePersonal Training SessiongoalsketchherePower and More PowergoalsketchherePrincestgoalsketchhereRetcongoalsketch,
looks like an early version of Now KisshereSo Many PoniesgoalfinishedhereThe DoctorderpygoalsketchhereThe Fun Has Been DoubledgoalsketchhereThe Sage From the Past (sketch)goalsketchhereThe Sage From the Past (finished)goalfinishedhereUnder the TablegoalfinishedhereWill It FitgoalfinishedhereWizard's DuelgoalfinishedhereYou Are Amongst Royaltygoalsketchhere


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