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N.A. Larson:
I don't get it. I thought you were looking for unused, complete art? Also, a couple of these are in the database.

Lord LunaEquie is me:
I mean, if I make or have someone make a card, I definitely want finished art, but my main purpose here was to go through the ENTIRE database to see what wasn't used, so that it becomes a known quantity (or whatever the proper term is).

I definitely missed Cutie Mark Crusaders Matchmakers because I was only looking through the goals, when the art got put on a ship, but after a while I just wasn't being super observant; as long as I didn't recognize the art (and it didn't show up after a CTRL+F), it went in the list.

That said, I'm not surprised that I missed a few in the text database, and I'd be grateful to anyone able to whittle down the list which I've already pulled out. After that, then I'll see about contacting Horrible People to see if they can confirm usage of the (hopefully only a handful of remaining unclaimed art).

I'll be tackling the Ships next, because that's the smaller stack and I've already got five art from Goals or Actions that became Ships.

Lord LunaEquie is me:
Well, ships are done. 2/3 of the way through the master folder now. Well, considering the size of the Ponies pile maybe more like 5/8. Ponies, too, so the master folder is all done.

NameFound underFinished/Sketch?urlChemistry Lab Experimentshipsketch,
early idea for Chemistry Lab Explosion!hereExtra CreditshipfinishedhereFreaky Fridayshiprough version, no backgroundhereOn ProbationshipsketchhereRush Weekshipfinished,
art for the photo in Rush WeekhereUprising Against the Robot UprisingshipfinishedhereWacky Tragic Circumstancesshipfinished,
early version of Wacky Tragic CircumstanceshereCheese SandwichponyfinishedhereFashion Forward Pound CakeponysketchhereFlufflepuffponyfinished,
different art than the Fluffle Puff cardhereFlutter*****ponyfinishedhereI'm So Alone Twilight SparkleponyfinishedhereMusical Mischief MandoponyfinishedhereRebel Without a Cause ScootalooponysketchhereShrekicornponyfinished, OHGODWHYhereSonic the Hedgehogponyfinished, GOODGODNOhereSuper Diva Sweetie Belleponysketchhere


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