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The Fyre-flye Files Pack
« on: April 13, 2016, 02:35:00 am »
After Lauren Faust tweeted various pony stories around 27th of March, I tweeted CoF with the idea of a pack.
They suggested it be placed here for artwork
Not all text is related to shipping but could make for ship cards.

who the real love for twilight sparkle?
 Twilight's true love was meant to be an earth pony named Stud Muffin.  His cutie mark is a dumbbell.

I'm gonna put this in the "plausible" column, next to Fluttershy's cats and Pinkie marrying a dessert
    What?  You don't think Stud Muffin is plausible?

Was Pinkie Pie meant to have a true love? *cough* Cheese Sandwich *cough*
  Nope! Pinkie's eventual true love would be Chocolate Moose.  It's an inter-species relationship.

I am now curious of who fluttershy's true love could be. XD
  Nobody. Fluttershy just ends up with a lot of cats.

Does Rarity find the prince she's dreamed of?
  Yes. 5 times. 5 princes, 5 divorces.

So does Rainbow Dash like mares? Or do the stallions have a chance?
  Rainbow Dash's one and only true love is herself!

Please tell me AJ marries Bloomberg.
   AJ revives and old family tradition and joins a controversial "marriage herd." She has 12 husbands and 37 children. Ouch.

Does the same hold true for Big Mac then?
  No he dies.

He dies but Granny Smith survive?

what about derpy?
   Derpy marries Fluttershy's cats. Fluttershy thinks she's not good enough for them.

What about Apple Bloom and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders?
   Mike, Jim and Brian

But the most important question is who does Gummy fall in love with.
   Fluttershy's dead cats. They're delicious.

wait a cotton tail minute....what happens to Princess Luna?  I GOTS TA KNOW. OAO
  Luna marries Batman.  THEY ARE THE NIGHT!

Are you on board for Big Mac being hot for teacher or for Pinkie's sister?
  Big Mac is into dudes, (has not embraced it or is covering)
       Pretending to have a crush on a possible relative, maybe not the best cover-up idea. :P
           I never said he was smart.

But who is Celestia into..? Besides cakes, that is.
  Celestia has loved and lost. She will never love again.

King Sombra ?
   Also into dudes.

 *Picture of Cheerilee and Mac in Wedding attire*
     Poor Cheerilee. She's in for a very rude awakening.

ey, what's up with Mrs. Cake having Pegasus and Unicorn kids when she and her husband are Earth ponies?
   I think Mrs. Cake might have some stallions on the side.

Queen Chrysalis?
     Into squirrels.

what happened to Scootaloo's family?
     They both have demanding jobs and Scoots is good at evading her babysitter.

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Re: The Fyre-flye Files Pack
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2016, 05:33:19 am »
Lauren Faust Public Canon Folder - LFPCF... shiet

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Re: The Fyre-flye Files Pack
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2016, 05:18:34 am »
I'm started to gather information here
Alex, write me at PM your Gmail account, I'll I'll give you editing orders

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