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Normal printing quantities?
« on: September 10, 2017, 08:01:24 pm »
So, here's the deal: I need to print out a small number of cards for myself (such as Grand Creator Fausticorn) as well as several copies of the blank pony cards for commissioning art at cons (or at least at Nightmare Nights this year). I figure that I might as well at the same time print out several copies of some other cards, such as the CofK promo cards, to pass out to people while at the convention space.

Here's the thing: having never done this before and never looked into it, I have no idea what kind of numbers I should be shooting for. Part of me says I should print something like 25 copies of each of the CofK promo cards so that I won't run out of them; part of me says that's a ridiculous number and I'll never find 25 people to hand them out to; then part of me suggests giving my extras at the end of the con to N.A. Larson or whomever might be around.

So is there some number I should shoot for, here? How many do people who sell their cards usually order, and how long do they normally last? If I'm going to hand off my extras at the end of the con to someone who goes to more cons, should I be printing out a few more to help out? I'm kind of lost here.

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Re: Normal printing quantities?
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 12:09:21 am »
If you're just printing cards for yourself, you should have an idea of how many to print. You can just fill whatever print sheet space left with extra sketch cards or something.

We usually have multiple Kefentse staff members at each con handing out promos at cons, so you shouldn't really need to worry about printing extras to give out. If you do, a pack of 54 is usually plenty for smaller cons if you're just handing them out as you go and aren't like a vendor or anything. Like you said, any extra you could give to staff or bring to another con.