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EU-con pack
« on: May 04, 2016, 05:46:58 pm »
To add to the BUCK card set I was thinking about a possible set of EU Convention Mascots, ships and goals.
Galacon, Hearth's warmingcon, Czequestria, Brony Fair, Brony Days, Summer Wrap up, ponycon UK
Perhaps even expanding it too include US and Asian conventions as well.

Goals could include the European Pony Convention Union (EU mascots shipped together) and Across the pond (EU and US mascot shipped).

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Re: EU-con pack
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2016, 11:30:57 am »
Way ahead of you Alex! I have a set called Between the Lines planned for next year! It's a 17 card set featuring mascots from 17 different cons worldwide in classic and popular literature roles!

Mascots in the set:
Poniko and Roku-chan (Japan Ponycon)
Princess Apricity (BronyCAN)
Golden Gates, Copper Chip, and Silver Span (BABSCon)
Canni Soda (Galacon)
Liberty (PonyconNYC)
Ember (Hearth's Warming Con)
Britannia (BUCKCon)
Starstruck (Equestria LA)
Nessie (BronyScot)
Salt Lick (Crystal Mountain Ponycon)
Mane Event, Hoof Beatz, and Blank Canvas (BronyCon)
Front Page and Mocha Sunrise (Everfree NW)
Unity (Bronyfair)
Chocolatine (PonySouth)
Chit Chat (Midwest Bronyfest)
Saros and Spirit Chaser (Nightmare Nights)
Barley Tender and Caramel Malt (Ponyville Ciderfest)

It's a themed set so a general one like you proposed would be cool as well! You could have a ship card called OTP featuring Poniko and Golden Gates (it could also be called My Waifu if you don't mind having a Goal card with the same name as the Ship Card)!
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