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Author Topic: MLP CCG X TSSSF (AKA Fanon meets Canon)  (Read 12259 times)

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MLP CCG X TSSSF (AKA Fanon meets Canon)
« on: May 20, 2017, 11:20:26 am »
Behold... The Brony Card Game crossover none of you ever realized you wanted!

(Rules and such are for a two player game)
Requirements:One CCG deck, One TSSSF deck, lotsa Action Tokens/Dice

Rules:Same rules as both card games for both players. One player must have a CCG deck, the other must have a TSSSF deck. First one to reach 15 points wins.

I will post updates on an example game as it goes along.

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Re: MLP CCG X TSSSF (AKA Fanon meets Canon)
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2017, 11:31:03 am »

CCG player has
MANE:Queen Chrysalis, Commanding Queen
Rarity, Hoarder (Troublemaker)
Nurse Redheart, Peace and Quiet (Friend)
Slick Shades (Resource)
Cannonball Surprise (Resource)
Cheese Shoes (Resource)
Hughbert Jellius, Sticks Around (Friend)
PROBLEM:Ponies Without Parachutes

TSSSF player has
START:Fanfic Author Laura Hartley


It was you all along!
Checking it off my list
Cabin in the Woods, AWOOOOO!

Cult Leader FLuttershy
Cider Season Applejack

CCG Player wins Coinflip and gets to go first!

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Re: MLP CCG X TSSSF (AKA Fanon meets Canon)
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2017, 12:49:30 pm »
CCG player's turn #1
Player uses 2 tokens to move Chrysalis to the Problem (He is now halfway to succeeding in solving the problem)


TSSSF player's turn #1

Pony cards played:Cider Season Applejack, Cult Leader Fluttershy, Bon Bon (After being drawn thanks to CSAJ's ability)
Ship Cards played:Cabin in the Woods, Awooooo!, It was you all along!
Cards drawn:Leaving on a personal crusade, It's a sign, Bon Bon (Before being shipped with CSAJ), Braeburn, Broken Wing Rainbow Dash


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Re: MLP CCG X TSSSF (AKA Fanon meets Canon)
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2017, 06:57:51 pm »
This demonstration has been held off so I can tinker around with rules to allow troublemakers to be able to hinder TSSSF decks and further polish rulesets that both card games can easily be able to work together

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Re: MLP CCG X TSSSF (AKA Fanon meets Canon)
« Reply #4 on: May 29, 2017, 07:05:53 pm »
Updated ruleset

The ruleset for MLP CCG X TSSSF comes in 3 variants
All variants follow these rules
Both players have 10 cards each ready for play (5 cards are ponies(TSSSF player) or friends (CCG player), the other 5 are ships(TSSSF player) or resources/events/troublemakers (CCG player))
To win the game, either player must reach 25 points (Long game), 15 points (Medium game), or 11 points (Short game)
Up to 3 problems and/or goals each can be in play at the same time

TSSSF Variant (AKA Simple ruleset)
No action tokens needed
No problem/troublemaker/resource/event cards needed
Players have entire hand ready from the get-go
Simple list of abilities (Draw, swap, replace, new goal, neutral gender, changeling, special, copy, search)
Players must ship ponies and friends together to achieve goals
Mane character works as Start card for CCG player

CCG Variant (AKA Complex ruleset)
No ship cards needed
Dual color cards optional
Players must work to solve problems
Players must make their hand by exchanging action tokens to draw cards
Complex list of abilities (All of CCG's friend abilities)
TSSSF cards assigned colors based on keywords (Apple = Orange, Unicorn = Purple, Animal = Yellow, Food based ponies (Aside from Apples) = Pink, Fashion based ponies = White, Pegasus = Blue, dual color variants also assignable)
TSSSF player's start card cannot be boosted

Hybrid Variant (AKA Mashup ruleset)
All cards playable
CCG player solves problems, and TSSSF player completes goals, PLUS TSSSF players can solve problems, and CCG players can complete goals
Troublemakers can hinder TSSSF player
TSSSF cards can be assigned colors while CCG cards can be assigned Keywords
Action Tokens and actions requiring action tokens optional
All abilities (TSSSF and CCG) usable here

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Re: MLP CCG X TSSSF (AKA Fanon meets Canon)
« Reply #5 on: May 30, 2017, 01:08:03 am »
Your variants aren't explained well enough to test, in my opinion. Each one brings up a lot of questions that need to be answered before one can play. As there are a lot more than I'd rather post now, I'll just list a few here:

Standard rules:
-Are these points scaled well? A 5+ player game in TSSSF is 11 points, and goes on for a long time. Don't you think points this high will cause extremely long games?

TSSSF Variant:
-So, this is a mode where both players play TSSSF with a grid? If the Mane character in the ccg works as a Start card, does that mean two different grids are happening at the same time?
-Are we both competing for the same set of Goals?
-Pony cards in the ccg don't have effects that work with TSSSF. Do they gain powers? If so, how would the game state track this if it isn't written on the cards? If not, how does the ccg player do anything besides play ponies?
-Pony cards in the ccg also don't have keywords. How would you address this?

CCG Variant:
-Does the TSSSF player draw a full hand of 10 Ponies in this mode? Are Goals used at all?
-Pony cards in TSSSF don't have effects that work with the ccg. Do they gain new effects? If so, how would the game state track this if it isn't written on the cards? If not, how does the TSSSF player do anything besides play ponies?
-How does the game state track colors of cards TSSSF Ponies are given if they are not written on the cards? Even if they are given colors, how does one know how much of each color each Pony has to contribute towards Goals?
-The list you give to assign colors to ponies does not cover all types of Ponies in TSSSF. Some of the ones listed are somewhat vague descriptions. While I can get what an apple family pony is, what constitutes a "food based pony" or a "fashion based pony"? Why are some Ponies assigned colors based on race, but others not?
-How does the TSSSF player play cards if TSSSF Ponies don't have an action cost?

Hybrid Variant:
-Does this mode have a play area like the ccg AND a grid like TSSSF? Do players choose to play from one section to the other?
-How do Troublemakers hinder TSSSF players? Are they assigned to Goals?
-How do powers that do happen to be able to interact with the other game work in this mode? For example, if a TSSSF Pony had a power that discarded another Pony, could it discard a ccg pony? How about a Troublemaker?
-If TSSSF and ccg powers work more effectively within their own game, what stops this from becoming two games of solitaire?

This is a rather ambitious project, and will need a much more comprehensive set of rules to function properly. Since you're combining both games into one, you can't really expect a ccg player to know how to play TSSSF, and vice versa. This would kind of call for a rules set that explains how both games work. Even if one does know how to play both games, you'd have to fully explain all the interactions between both games clearly so that there are no issues. Neither of these games were designed to mechanically function with each other, so you'd have a hard time making them work coherently with each other. As mentioned above, one of the main issues that comes up from this is the fact that powers and effects don't work with each others games. Also that ponies don't have certain mechanics like keywords or colors. Having a big list to consult of these things would be problematic, so it'd be hard to come up with a quick solution to this. Maybe posting some sort of "how to play" or gameplay video on Youtube would better help explain what you are going for more effectively than a string of gameplay posts on the forum.

Good luck with your project! If you happen to be at Bronycon I'd love to see how it's coming along in person!
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Re: MLP CCG X TSSSF (AKA Fanon meets Canon)
« Reply #6 on: June 01, 2017, 08:10:28 pm »
You have a fair point.
I may need to further refine the rules so they can work with each other and so that people can fully comprehend the rules.
But in order to further my research. I may need to find people who are willing to play the CCG and/or TSSSF who live in Texas.
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