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BABSCon 2017 Create-A-Card Art Description


Submit your description for a new TSSSF Pony card art! Your idea may get chosen to be used at the TSSSF Design From the Heart Panel at BABSCon 2017! The top three submissions from this poll will be shown at the panel and 1 will be chosen to make a brand new TSSSF card!

This panel will allow audience members to create a new TSSSF card from scratch and offer audience members design tips  for creating their own TSSSF cards! Panelists include Chocolate Pony, Hobbes Maxwell, Ithry Skylark from Shipping & Handling, and KoonzyPony!

Submit here:

Lord LunaEquie is me:
I submitted an idea. Should I say what it was, or just keep an eye out for the cards later?

Best to keep it secret for now so we're not biased when we choose!


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