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TFF (Texas Furry Fiesta) 2017


Lord LunaEquie is me:
Hey all.

I don't know how many of you are local to Texas, or how many may even be going to TFF this year even if they're not local, but I'll be going there myself the weekend it's running, this coming March (24th-26th).

I plan on bringing my full collection of TSSSF*, plus Secret Hitler that I haven't had the chance to play yet.

I know of at least one other person who should probably be there whom I met at both TFF and Nightmare Nights Dallas last year, but I don't think he ever registered here and was hoping to see a few others around who might be interested in playing.

*Collection is 500-some odd large and includes:
[*]Core 1.1.6 (inclu. alternate art of Druid Fluttershy)
[*]The CofK updates to Extra Credit and Ponyville University
[*]All finished expansions by original team at Horrible People
[*]Shipwrecker CMC I slapped together with help from Western and Ithry
[*]Fan Pon
[*]a Fallout: Equestria expansion
[*]Alternate Universe mini-expansion (based on the end of season 5)
[*]Under Review mini-expansion
[*]But Busters (or something like that) mini-expansion (a... PG-13 expansion that honestly makes me slightly uncomfortable)
[*]five Big Mac cards commissioned and sold by Peter New
[*]Sappho, the pony card commissioned and sold by Jenna Blake
[*]basically everything else people have posted in this forum with the permission to print
[*]maybe some others I'm forgetting (there are a fair number of unmarked cards)

There are only four sets I'm aware of that I don't have and two of those are by Ithry.

N.A. Larson:
There's more than that... we're in the process of putting all the printed cards into a spreadsheet, so stay turned ;)

Lord LunaEquie is me:

--- Quote from: N.A. Larson on February 17, 2017, 10:02:01 pm ---There's more than that... we're in the process of putting all the printed cards into a spreadsheet, so stay turned ;)

--- End quote ---
Must... eat... brains...


That aside, I seem to have forgotten to mention a Steven Universe mini-expansion, though I haven't actually gone through all my collection to see what I was forgetting; all of that was just off the top of my head. Even without a full visual spoiler of every card that's ever been printed, having some sort of checklist of what card packs have been made and who made them would be really useful. Like I said, I'm only really aware of four other packs that I don't have: two from Ithry, one from the Starswirl Academy group (I've put off buying that one because I hadn't been playing TSSSF), and one I cannot mention on these forums. I don't know of any list of what people have made for TSSSF, so it's incredibly hard to know what I'm missing.


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