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What Are Your Favorite TSSSF Cards?

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What the title says: What are your favorite cards of each type (official or fan-made) and why? I couldn't pick just 1 of each, so I did a bit more:

Babs "The Breaker" Seed (Cutie Mark Criminals): This is liable to be my favorite card in the whole game, and it's not just because of Babs. Probably the best title/art to mechanics Special power. She just straight up punches dudes out, and sometimes that's all you need.
Speed Racing Spirit (FanPon): The best card in the FanPon set, and it shows. Spectacular art, great flavor text, and the best, most effective, meaningful, non-Start card static power mechanically in the game! It's simple and something all players should care about, so no one will forget AND it's beneficial so she's likely to stay in play.
Tracy Cage (4 Chan Promo): Why punch dudes out when you can just stab them? While not the prettiest card in the game, It probably has the most straightforward power name to mechanic I can think of. Also stellar flavor text. Never >4444get.
Spiritualist Feather Tip (Uprising): A solution to a problem that's been long awaited. Clean and elegant. Deals with any problems your local fan created set might cause. Great flavor as well.
Honorable Mention - Applejack's Parents (Hearthswarming): Because they went there.

Self-Insertion (Core): I'd think that this was one of the first cards made in TSSSF, because damn it needs to exist, and it does. Why have one of the best mane 6, when you can have three?
Performance Anxiety (FanPon): Cards that touch on the lewder side of this game are usually great, but I think this one is the best!
Recolor (Extra Credit): Amazing example of top-down design, or bottom-up design, whichever it was. Simple.
Honorable Mention - Legally Distinct Human Crossover Fic (Slice of Starswirl Academy): One of my favorite TSSSF card names. It's almost as if a longer name was needed to justify the set, and thus this card.

Uprising Against the Robot Uprising (Promo for Sherclop Pones): I'm a huge fan of Friendship is Witchcraft, and this card makes the series proud. My favorite card name in the game.
All Good Things Must End (So Long and Thanks): I love a good out, and this card does it perfectly. I don't even lose for it! Also friendship.
Delusion (My DA Gallery, Western and ArFaise): I absolutely love the art on this card. When is this getting a physical print? I need it in my deck.
Honorable Mention - Gotta Ship Fast (Sonic set): It gets a laugh every time it hits the table. Sometimes you have to put ponies in a relationship in an extremely quick manner.

Fanfic Author Laura Hartley (Slice of Starswirl Academy): Elegant mechanic to support an elegant set. Also super menacing art.
Fanfic Author Twilight (Core): A classic. No TSSSF without her. Also best mane 6.
Dizzy Frizzy, Patron Saint of Shippers (Children of Kefentse Promo):  A labor of love. Also a legit selection because I didn't work on the whole thing.
Honorable Mention - Maybe Fanfic Author (My DA Gallery, Western and ArFaise): I love the naming scheme on this card and have been trying to come up with something similar ever since.

EDIT: Added Spiritualist Feather Tip to the Pony list.

N.A. Larson:
Jumpin' Jack Flash Sentry (Gracious Givers Set 2)
A good card can appeal to me emotionally or intellectually, but a great card has to do both. Jumpin' Jack Flash Sentry is my favorite because all of its design elements come together beautifully.

JJFS combines his human counterpart’s guitar playing with the waifu-stealer meme to cast him as a swaggering rock star in the vein of Rolling Stones legends Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian Jones. The card name, power name, and flavor text are all Rolling Stones references, but are still amusing even to those unfamiliar with their music. The mechanic follows from the power name, and together with the flavor text and keyword establish his personality.

The mechanic itself is very interesting. JJFS is a slicer, meaning that its power can cause Ship cards to be removed from the grid. Slice powers are an integral part of the game because they allow players to manage the grid size, but when used too frequently (we all know that guy), players don’t feel like they can make any progress. This card strikes an interesting balance because it can be used to wipe the grid, but only if multiple players cooperate. This calls back to the communal nature of TSSSF.

The Seaponies (Brony Brewer Con Exclusive)
I DO want to call upon the seaponies. Especially when I need to play another male, female, or Earth Pony. Also, I love the art.

Fledgling Activist Princess Skyla (Tales of Ponyville University)
What if a random toy turned out to be the child of Cadance and Shining Armor, and what would she be like when she grows up? I've always been impressed by bronies’ ability to take the smallest detail and spin an entire mythos from it. Also, being an Alicorn Princess with Copy, this is a powerful card and I'm always glad to see it in my hand.

Cabin in the Woods, Awooo! (Core)
I think the best Pony cards answer what-if questions, and the best Ship cards allow players to explore them. What if X and Y got stuck in a cabin in the woods? How did they get there? Why are they trapped? How will they escape? This is my favorite Ship card because of how the title and the art create a very vivid image of the scenario (and the “awooo” is very tongue-in-cheek). Also, the Play From Discard mechanic enables some fun combos.

What Did I Do Last Night?! (Core)
Unexpected Pregnancy (Core)
Each card in TSSSF tells a story, but players use them to tell their own stories. These are my second and third favorite Ship cards because they’re hilarious on their own, but can become even funnier based on what Ponies they're played with.

Sadfic (Core)
This takes the fanfiction trope of exploring situations that would be too intense for the show, and subverts it with the trope of and canon characters pining for self-insert characters. Also, I sometimes wish Twilight and Trixie had more of an ongoing relationship than they do in the show (see also Star Student Twilight).

I like this Goal mechanically because it is fairly easy to achieve in combination with other Goals.

Internship (Tales of Ponyville University)
Pixel’s art is very expressive, and the art on this card speaks volumes: Discord’s smile says he’s going to enjoy bringing Scootaloo over to the Dark Side, and Scootaloo’s smile says she knows this is a bad idea, but is going to stick it out because she needs the money. Mechanic-wise, Internship combines two keywords with the set theme in a non-obvious way.

From Foreign Lands (No Holds Barred)
The few non-pony characters that have appeared in MLP:FiM are tantalizing hints of a larger world, just waiting to be explored. This Goal provides something to do with the non-pony characters (or Ponies with racial keywords, as they are defined in-game), and makes flavor sense because being outsiders gives the characters common ground.

Fanfic Author Twilight (Core)
Simple and classic. The art and flavor text set the tone for the rest of the game by capturing the essence of a fanfic writer. It is also the easiest Start card to play with because there is no small number of Goals in Core and the expansions that were designed for having Twilight Sparkle on the grid at all times (this is a design challenge that non-Twilight Start cards face).

Dizzy Frizzy, Patron Saint of Shippers (Children of Kefentse)
Basically what Ithry said. Plus, the art looks FANTASTIC against the black border.

Maybe Fanfic Author (“My DA Gallery,” Western & ArFaise)
As near as I can tell, this is what would happen if the game was hijacked by a random FimFiction user. All Start cards replace Twilight Sparkle as the fan-fiction writer, but the art on this one explains HOW it happened. The mechanic follows this theme, as does the flavor text.

Well, for time what we spend for tranlation i see maaany card. I think i show my favorite.
I will divide them into groups.

Official Convent 2014,2015 and Workshop 2015 card

Test Subject Cheerilee(Испытуемая Чирили)

I love Half-Life, I love Portal, i **** love Portal, Portal, Wheatley, GladOS(I think you get the idea.)
And i love Portal 2 Ending and believe what Chell escape from Aperture.
And now we have card there Cheerilee escape from Twiligh from game with portals. Heh, he litteraly escape from game art.
Then i see name of this card in card generator i ask my self: why this card have special type? What special in her?

Next is Sonata Dusk(Соната Даск)

Yea, its simple card with simple power.
But i love Sonata. She cute character, and deserved more screen time. I hope she ever seem in the franchise again.
Also, she interested me as First card with custom Dimensional Sign. Maybe someone make more EQ dimension card. or Mini-Expansion?

And Mistress of Equality Starlight Glimmer(Госпожа Равенства Старлайт Глиммер)

Starlight Glimmer... Its new character. and she is reformed villain. She was in Fluttershy's Home for Redeemed Evil-Doers?
Its OP card. hehe. Also i love her Flavor. I think its Twilight call...

Hmm, Adventure pack..... i'm sorry but no. Daring Doo is OC, Someone Self-insert blablabla many bad word about character.


here we have few Sub-Folder.

Equestria Expanded: Neighpon, EU, Asia card set - interesting card set with idea what Equestria its only 1 country and we have many other country. and in this Mini-Pack we see few Kirin. Also its full-functional card set. I mean we have 4 Pony(hehehe, not pony), 2 ships, 3 goal.

Arcadian Phoenix pack(Provisional title. Sorry Ithry)

Fanfic Detective Rarity.

Its interesting card. For game mechanic, and for design.
First this card add BOT-player who can win.... It interesting idea.
Also reference for first noir movie in flavor.... (heh, i like then in translation someone i teach something new. Thank you Ithry)

Google Chrome Minipack (Author 10art)

Here i like 2 card.

First is Firefox Pony card bacause.... realy did you see that flavor?
And Princess Trollestia bacause i b*****tch who love bannnnaaanas. And you? WOW! That GREAT! 'CAUSE YOU ABOUT TO GO BANANAS ON THE MOOOOOOON......
ahhmmmm sorry.

Horse Wife Minipack (Author TJPones)

Yeaa, 1 card. And its simple-joke-strong like 42 card

Its Yes! - because ......[imgur].

Another Community Card


I like cardart for this card. This Rarity pretty cute


I love all card with Kefentse(except Beach Episode(i hate fillers))
All Kefentse card (except School Prince Kefentse, and Solid Kefentse) chained with Blood And Water Series fanfic
It's Kefentse, My Waifu(i like art for this card. 2 waifu in 1 pack. Check please), Body Double.

Hmmmm, i think its all.
Maybe i remeber something else. or i correct few line from up.

I like "That's an academy record" because it has all the waifus.

(Ithry made me do this)

Lord LunaEquie is me:
I think I'm going to have to just keep coming back to this as I play, but I suddenly am really glad All Good Things Must End exists.

I nearly had a game go infinite. On a sweltering summer day with hardly any air conditioner. I am really glad All Good Things Must End exists.


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