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Joking Hazard/Cards Against Humanity-Style Variant
« on: August 16, 2016, 11:59:44 pm »
My friend Eddie recently remarked that there should be "style points" in TSSSF. I think one of the strengths of TSSSF is that players can ship whomever they please without consequence, but there is a certain satisfaction in playing a popular ship. So I got to thinking, how would you assign style points? Would players vote? Then I recalled that games where best pairings are chosen, like Cards Against Humanity, have a judge. Also, that Twitter post made me think a random ship generator might be pretty cool. This thought was inspired by the Cyanide and Happiness random comic generator, which was then developed into the game Joking Hazard. It was then that I realized TSSSF cards could be used for a similar style of game.

WARNING: I haven't playtested this very much, and it might not be very fun, which is why I posted it here in the Drawing Board. It is, however, interesting from a game design perspective.

Players: 3-???
Time: 1hr?
Materials: Pony and Ship cards only.

Ignore all card rules. Shuffle the Pony deck and deal 7 cards to each player. Shuffle the Ship deck. Decide which player will be the judge first. The judge reveals the top card of the Ship deck, then plays a Pony from their hand to the left or right of the Ship card to indicate that the action portrayed by the Ship card is being done by that Pony or to that Pony, respectively. For example, in the image below, Cult Leader Fluttershy is introducing her friend. If she had been played on the right side instead, she would be the one being introduced. Then, each other player submits the Pony they think best completes the ship face-down. The judge shuffles the submissions and then reveals them. The judge chooses the winner, and that player gets the Ship card. The first player to get 5 Ship cards wins.

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