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Hi everyone!  As I'm sure you're aware, BronyCon is right around the corner.  I for one will be printing SO MANY PROMOS for distribution.  I'll be there early, so if anyone wants to catch up and hang out before 4 on Thursday, I'll be at the Hilton.

I'm also working on getting T-shirts made for the Children of Kefentse team!

Sounds good! I'll also have 9 (ish) new cards to give out as well!

In the spirit of Mark Rosewater's set teasers, I'll mention some information about the cards coming out!

-A card you've already seen.
-A card with a pretty solid power.
-A card that pays homage to a well known person associated with Horrible People.
-A card where the only limit is your IMAGINATION.
-A popular show line, now in TSSSF form!
-A card featuring a prior antagonist.
-A card featuring one of the mane 6 after hours.
-A card that would make Jack the Ripper jealous.
-A card designed with fun in mind.


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